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Yellow Tea
Yoga and a sacred tea ceremony
with tae bond 

Join Tae Bond in experiencing yoga and a sacred tea ceremony. In your session, Tae will select a special tea prepared for your session and explain its medicinal benefits and how it will promote your health and well being. As part of the ceremony, we will transition into a transformational yoga practice.

Gather your friends, loved ones and experience an amazing yoga and sacred tea ceremony with Tae.

About Tae Bond's Yoga & Tea Ceremony

Tea ceremonies are an ancient cultural activities that originated in China and Japan which turns the act of making tea into a artful experience of consciousness like a moving meditation an elegant and energetically soothing ritual.

Tae Bond is honored to combine mindfulness integrated with yoga and tea ceremony. Awaken your true inner self by stimulating your five senses through deep breathing and the tranquility of yoga and a sacred tea ceremony. Indulge in this unique mindfulness experience to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul.

About The Tea Ceremony

Through daily practice discipline and yoga we awaken our inner being and we remember our true selves our true connection to nature and all of life. this amazing leaf/tea is a plant teacher, a spirit of nature manifested through this leaf and awakened by hot water.


Tae's yoga and tea ceremony is  an internal exploration to connect  into the present moment  and to bring you back to your true self and all that is love.

Image by Sergey Norkov

As a special treat to yourself, gather your friends and book a yoga and tea ceremony.

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