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Experience Quantum Yoga Integrated with Tae Bond


A Quantum Yoga class integrates many healing modalities to empower you to live with more purpose, balance and awareness.  The class is geared to relaxation, inner strength, and being in community.  We begin the class with setting an intention and the integration of your personal affirmation for that day. We practice various types of yoga, pranayama breathing techniques, meditation and creative visualization processes. The class ends with sound healing using singing bowls. 

The work unites your mind, body and spirit in helping  you rediscover who you really are...The class should leave you feeling balanced, centered and your mind calm. The class will help you reset and prepare for your next manifestation.

sound healing & yoga
Image by Julio Lopez

yoga with a sound bath or meditation

Enjoy a healing and relaxing experience with a one-hour session which includes a sound bath, using alchemy bowls and clear-quartz crystal bowls which resets and balances your body. The sound bath can be combined with either yoga or a meditation.

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