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Tae Bond's detox program

detox your mind & body

Bring your body to a new, healthier level with fitness training, yoga and nutritional support, including cleansing your body. By juicing and maintaining a diet of plant-based  live foods,  Tae will guide you through the cleansing process. The benefits of cleansing under her program are:

Weight loss

Increased energy

Upgrades your physical system

Helps prevent disease and eliminates toxins.

Mental clarity

Boosts Immune system

Beet Juice

Tae's Mission

My goal is to help you find a much higher level of health and wellness. I work with you for at least  two weeks up to twelve weeks where together we formulate a custom health regime tailored to your needs and level of fitness.  Using raw, live foods, juices, herbs, together we will help your body eliminate toxins, loose weight, improve your circulation, stimulate your organs, gain energy and possibly heal chronic issues.

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detox the mind as well as the body

As part of my program, I will help you detox your mind with meditation, yoga, breath work, sound healing and more to release negative thought constructs that may be preventing you from living the life you deserve. Through Tae's Quantum Yoga Integrated we will empower you to expand your awareness to live a conscious, connected and balanced life. 

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